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By Alice G. Guillermo

Internationally acclaimed for his sculpture in carved glass, Filipino artist Ramon Orlina continues to

reveal new possibilities in the glass medium. Though trained as an architect, he did not hesitate to follow his artistic impulses that drew him to glass which he considers as perfect material for sculpture. Read Article >>



Into the Heart Of Glass

By Eva Laird Smith

Glass as art is a formidable experience of the tactile, sensory, and spatial. As an art form the medium takes both literal and figurative connotations. Glass is  
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refractive: glass art becomes the embodiment of light harnessed by the artist's vision into a recognizable shape that pleases the eye, transports the beholder onto pleasurable planes, and at other times, mirrors human emotions. Read Article >>

Ramon Orlina with one of his artworks  

Heart of Glass

By Rod Paras-Perez

There are aspects in Orlina's glass sculptures which lend themselves to pure form - and contemplation. There
is an immediate allure inherent in glass as a material. But the ultimate defining factor is how the artist made his work exist with light. Not simply the light embracing and revealing the form with glass, but also it penetrates the work. And changes its form. Read Article >>


The Allure of Glass

By Alice Guillermo

Glass as an artistic medium was brought to public attention in the Fifties when Steuben Glass invited a number of Filipino artists to create
  Ramon Orlina's Glass in Silver Exhibit
designs which were executed in crystal, thus bringing out the possibilities of the industrial material. It was however, only around 1975 that an artist, Ramon Orlina, took up the challenge of the medium and began to work in it consistently. Read Article >>


A Salute to the Breast

By Eric Torres

"NING-NING", Ramon Orlina's exhibition of 30 new works at the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Sept.
3-23), is all about one subject: the female breast. It is bound to take admirers of the country's only studio-glass sculptor by surprise. Nothing in the jagged, angular abstractions which have long been his hallmark prepares one of his current show. In fact, there's nothing abstract about his current fixation. Read Article >>



By Paul B. Zafarrala

Ramon G. Orlina and glass sculpture have become interlinked in
contemporary Philippine art. Not that this young, 44, artist of the highest caliber had boxed himself in his blocks of "studio glass", as it were. Far from it. Rather, he had single-handedly pioneered, on a self-taught basis yet, in this hitherto untested and challenging medium locally, and was able to conquer it despite antiquated and crude tools. Read Article >>


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