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UST QUATTROMONDIAL in This is Life by Cory Quirino

Unveiling of the QUATTROMONDIAL Monument by world-renowned Thomasian sculptor Ramon Orlina at the Quadricentennial Square. This is life with Cory Quirino airs on Studio23 every Saturday.

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Unveiling of UST Quatromondial 2011

Ramon Orlina scupted the QuattroMondial which consists of four human figures each of which representing four centuries of Excellence (a male student modeled by Piolo Pascual), Spirituality (a Dominican priest, by Rev. Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, O.P., Rector of UST), Tradition (an academician, by Monina Orlina, Ramon's daughter) and Erudition (a female student, by Charlene Gonzales).
Video courtesy of Dexter Austria.

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